Ted Todd HQ, Cheshire

Over two decades, Ted Todd has grown from a fledgling business driven by creativity, design, and a love of wood into an established brand built on integrity, design and innovation.

In 2007 the company moved to a new premises in Chesford Grange, Warrington and continues to thrive there to this day and by using a carefully selected combination of Woodworks by Ted Todd floors, an exciting new workspace was born.

The purposely designed workspace was created to provide the ever-growing team with a functional space that also embodies the brand identity in every facet of it’s transformative design.

For this project, Ted Todd chose to work with Intrinsic, a multidisciplinary design studio specialising in interior design, workplace strategy and furniture solutions. Intrinsic believe that people are central to creating spaces that have purpose and through their work they aim to produce creative ideas and innovative solutions to fulfil workplace potential.

Led by Ted Todd founder and CEO, Robert Walsh, the design brief was to incorporate the wood that Ted Todd sell but use it in unexpected ways throughout the scheme, showcasing the best of what Ted Todd does in innovative ways.

The design team at Intrinsic worked with Ted Todd’s craftspeople to bring the concept of their new office to successful fruition. By using biodegradable and recyclable resources from their impressive stockholding, they created unique surface covering for walls, floors, doorframes and even handmade furniture.  

Mayer Chequerboard floors lead you through the space, as the patterned design leads is ideal for walkways that run in various directions. The imperfections in the wood’s design will only look better with age, trapping the stories of those walking over the floor for years to come.

In the kitchen areas, carefully sanded and polished War Office Pine dominates the room with it’s warm, friendly tone. Needing a long single piece for the tabletop, it was the perfect choice to make a tremendous statement and provide a comfortable space to relax within.

Elsewhere English Yew creates interest with its polished marble feel, reclaimed wood from Shirtworks brings character to the kitchen floors and Elm in a circular design adds elegance and interest to the meeting rooms.

A clever mixture of surface finishes were implemented depending on the challenge produced by space requirements, with the overall finish being a symphony of Woodworks by Ted Todd greatest hits, which is a real feast for the eyes.

Aesthetically the workplace has been transformed; introducing thought-provoking designs and further strengthening the Ted Todd identity with brand colours displayed throughout. The stylish, effective, innovative space truly represents the way Ted Todd operates and has had a positive impact on everyone in the workplace.

Intrinsic said, “We really enjoyed working with Ted Todd on their new sales office in Warrington. It was such a pleasure to work with Robert Walsh and interpret his vision for the space using their fantastic timber products”.

This design goes to show that Woodworks floors are not solely designed for hotel and leisure functionality, and in fact, the he beauty of an antique floor can make a substantial statement for any workspace.