Antique Wood Floors


Yours to own for generations to come. The feel that a genuine antique wood floor adds is difficult to define and impossible to reproduce.

Each floor in our antique portfolio is forged from meticulously sourced antique timber, before being patiently restored and reworked by our craftspeople.

This premium collection of floors features 17th and 18th century antique Elm and Oak wood floors with unusual patinas, characterful markings and exquisite design elements.

Our Antique floors hold their original shape and movement with the added benefit of being engineered for use over underfloor heating.



Reclaimed Wood Floors


Reclamation is at the heart of our business; it’s where we started, it’s how we grew and it’s where we learnt the skills required to make such elegant wood floors. Reclaimed wood floors deliver history, character and reduce environmental impact through re-use.

The restoration work undertaken is always guided by the nature of the wood itself. Every single beam, floorboard and piece acquired is carefully assessed and selected by our restoration team before the process can begin.


Patient restorers and makers of fine antique and new wood floors

New Wood Floors


Rich in quality and designed to last, our new wood floors are versatile, hardwearing and enduring in their appeal. Not all new wood floors are created equal and we make no apologies for the fact that we regard our handcrafted floors as a cut above the rest.

The floors within this portfolio have all been crafted by hand in our Cheshire workshops from the very best sustainably sourced wood. Wood adds pattern and texture, whether used as flooring, wall or ceiling cladding. Choose from simple planks that seamlessly blend into the background or intricate parquetry to create a design statement.