“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” – Jacques Yves Cousteau


We are all drawn to the expanse and freedom that the ocean offers and its ability to connect us to nature. Owning yacht or boat allows you to enjoy the ocean’s freedom with elegance and opulence.

Wood is a key material in the construction of luxury boats and yachts across the world. Specifying antique or reclaimed wood for your yacht adds another dimension, not only does reclaimed timber add character to your project, it also benefits the environment. Wood will never release potential harmful toxins or chemicals into the water, antique and reclaimed wood is the ultimate in sustainability.

The woods we restore are salvaged globally and this ever-decreasing supply of rare wood is unlikely to be available again. The lives of these timbers would have begun in an old-growth forest over half a millennia ago, where trees were allowed to mature naturally without human intervention or forestation.  Ultimately a wood floor produced using these materials will be very stable and harder wearing than a wood floor using the same materials from modern day forests

Antique Burmese Teak, reclaimed Pitch Pine and English Walnut are just some of the incredibly rare woods we have used in period yacht restorations. Historically, most boats and yachts were built from Teak. Teak is valued for both its beauty and durability, naturally resisting decay, insects, rot and aptly nicknamed “the king of the hardwoods” due to its extreme stability.

The wood we use is the finest reclaimed and antique timber in the world. We have 30 plus years’ experience in restoring them for your project and are proud to say we are the world’s best resource for woods for authentic restorations of period yachts.

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